Jonah’s Happy Story Ending/Beginning

Posted on April 24, 2016 by STRSE


I often say that I can’t be sure who helps who more ... me or the dogs that I foster.  I think I learn just as much from them as they ever learn from me.

Jonah was adopted today and is off to live happily ever after.  Goodbyes are always bittersweet, to day the least.  He managed to find his way to STRSE and now his journey has taken him to one of the finest families in NC that we could have ever hoped for.  He had many donations to his care and many ”Get Well Soon“ cards from all over the world.  It was humbling to see so many who cared so much for his well being.

Everyone thrives when love is present and he is certainly a prime example of that.  He is also representative of courage, strength, bravery and living peacefully in the moment.

The only problem that I have had since his amputation 3 weeks ago is keeping up with him! ... and saying goodbye.

What a remarkable teacher!

Happy Tails, little one!  It has truly been a pleasure.  STRSE is so very fortunate to have been able to help you become one of the happiest Scotties ever.


Jonah’s Story

Posted on March 28, 2016

Let’s go on a rescue journey from beginning to end.  This is a front row seat to Jonahwhat STRSE does and a look at our standard of care.

It was brought to our attention by another rescue group that we have worked with in the past, that there was a young male (4 years old) Scottie in a shelter in SC.  This boy had sustained a broken right front leg at some point in his life.  It was never fixed or treated medically and has atrophied and drawn up and inward to the point he has no use of it.  The shelter had already scheduled him for neuter surgery.  They also offered to amputate his problem leg during that surgery (All for $58).

The STRSE Executive Board feels like you get what you pay for and wanted a second opinion.  We had our contact email the shelter and let them know that we are willing to assume all cost of his neuter and leg issues if the would release him to us for our veterinarian to give that second opinion and treat him.  We are so grateful to have a very good reputation as an absolute responsible rescue.

Thankfully they agreed to release him to us for his care.

We were all hoping and praying that the leg could be fixed by seeing an orthopedic specialist, and that was the route we that we were willing to take.  This boy is young, has a lot of life left and we owed him the best possible chance to keep his leg.

To our disappointment there was no way to save the leg.  This is a very hard amputation considering that it is a very old injury that has no muscle left on the shoulder or leg.

It’s been a very long and expensive journey with trying to put much needed weight on him, calming his stomach and getting the GI inflammation under control, along with the anemia.  We needed him to be in the best possible shape for his surgery.  We slowly made our way to that goal.

We currently have one of the best vets that we know amputating and seeing to it that he’s properly cared for this morning and for the days that come.

We are asking for prayers, positive thoughts, and lots of love sent his way, as we have all committed to step up and see this little love through a major surgery, the stress that comes with it and his complete recovery.

Upon intake on Jan 24, 2016, we decided to name him Jonah - meaning dove.  The dove calls for you to gain your serenity and is a symbol of peace.  Jonah is a very sweet boy and well deserving of his serenity along with a good, healthy, long life full of kindness, love and care.

He has a long road to recovery ahead.  This may be a setback but he has the mighty heart of a terrier and he is now stronger than ever, knows he is surrounded by love, kindness and the care that he should have received to start with.  STRSE in is the process today of righting the wrongs that he has endured.  He will come out of this an even stronger, even tougher, and more tenacious little Scotsman with a fierce and happy heart.

Thank you in advance, Scottie family.  We are a strong network and in our unity, our prayers are always heard.


Jock the Scot, aka Dallas

Posted on February 4, 2017 by STRSEDallas_2

Just wanted you to know that Jock continues to be a great dog! He is doing fantastic. He has been around other dogs, at Christmas parties, on walks and in the car. He is a great companion for us and our Scottie Maggie. She is being more active. He is a happy loving guy. He is very clever. Typical Scottie, he will steal your sandwich off the plate if you leave it there unattended. He is a great walker. Sits and stays. Working on down and we are planning to do agility in the spring. He is a busy lad on lookout, squirrel watching all afternoon. Everybody loves him. We love him! He's a perfect fit. Thank you for this special gift.

B. Adams



Gareth 01aGarth was a special Scottie boy that was adopted in August, 2015 after he spent most of his life being bounced around homes and in an Asheville, NC shelter. Garth now has a happy furever home in Charleston, SC where he lives with Scottie brother, Fergus!

Our boy Fergus has been the light of our life since he was eight weeks old. He is (if we must say), the perfect Scottie. Yet even the most perfect dog tires of, well, perfection. While we would be imbibing evening cocktails and catching up on daily events, we would notice Fergus staring at the wall. Don't think he doesn't get any attention.

Every morning starts with a run at White Point Gardens or the beach and I work at home and take many play breaks through the day.  After a while we wondered if poor Fergus was lonely. Adrift in his own Highlands solitary mind.  One woman mentioned Texas. Too far for a visit. Others just shrugged.  Then we happened upon a woman who suggested Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast. Bingo

En route to Alaska for a family vacation we filled out the forms on-line and when we returned, Lisa rang for a long talk about all things Scottie.  She called our vet and then scheduled a home inspection with Tanya.  She did mention she had a dog in mind for us.  On our form we explained that we didn't care if the dog had one leg, one eye or half a tail, just as long as he could play and have fun with Fergus.  Not 30 minutes after the inspection Lisa rang. Well, you passed with flying colors and I’m happy to tell you I have a Scottie with me that meets your needs!  When do you want to pick him up?  As excited as we were to adopt we assumed the process would take a while.  Realizing we could have a little brother in a matter of days sent us into a tail spin.  I guess one is never ready for ”the call” when it comes to adoption!  My mama laughed as she joyously recall ironing a ball gown back in the 60s when she got the call to go pick up my sister from the hospital. The ball gown went back in the closet not to be worn for years.

A week later when we happened to be driving from Flat Rock, North Carolina through Sparkle City, we made a date to pick up our little man.  Lisa was nervous about his reaction to us and Fergus.  As soon as we met him he curled up in my lap.  The deal was sealed.  We met all of Lisa’s amazing Scotties and let Fergus have a proper romp with his cousins before we departed in excitement with our new boy.

Garth was originally named Max at Brother Wolf shelter but we decided to call him Garth.  That’s the name of the drunk and boisterous Scottish bloke in Four Weddings and a Funeral of whom we have always been fans.

The trip home was pure bliss and when Garth arrived back in Charleston he explored our home with lots of trepidation.  While we toured him around, we also let him be. Through the day and the following week we would find him curled up in three different fireplaces (long since empty and clean!) and in his favorite spot, perched on top of the couch, legs akimbo, head cocked.

As the weeks progressed we admit that there were some difficulties.  He snapped at Paul twice, peed in the house once and attacked a poor Golden Retriever.  Also, Fergus was not bonding one bit and seemed pretty irritated with him.  We hired a dog trainer to get an outside opinion of the situation.  This was the best thing we did.  She met us out at Hampton Park and watched the dogs, gave advise about Garth’s demeanor and assured us that all dogs are pack animals and they would bond.Garth02

Their bond occurred in the most amusing fashion. One day when Paul was working from home he heard an ambulance siren from afar.  As it came closer he heard Gareth grumble and then chirp and then he belted out the most beautiful Arrrrroooooooooooooo!  Fergus scurried out from under the coach (our trainer calls him the troll under the bridge) in disbelief.  You see, sweet Fergus had never howled before.  This was music to his ears and with a little encouragement from Garth, Fergus stuttered out a howl until his head tilted back, his eyes closed and he synced up with Garth's howl like a little Argyll Angel.  When the ambulance passed, the boys came out of their trances and that was it.  They were bonded.

Since then they wake us up in the morning by tip tapping into the bedroom and stretching their paws up on the bed.  Once we pick them up they shower us with kisses and snuggle together. When we take them to the park they are “the dark duo” chasing dogs and balls together.  And when it’s playtime Fergus nips at Garth and they start hardy tug of wars with their favorite Harry Baker rope toy.

There is no more staring at the wall during cocktail hour that is for sure.  These two boys keep the living room covered with toys and now, when we hear the faint cry of an ambulance we stop everything and watch in pure proud parental glee.

Cator S.


Lennox was an owner surrender from a family in Georgia that could no longer care for him.  He was taken into STRSE foster care and was quickly adopted by his new family.  Here is an update on Lennox.

Lennox has been doing just great!  We're getting his thyroid to function at normal levels with meds and this has given Lennox a greater ability to play with all his toys, go for walks, rides and to do the “crazies” (this is when he grabs a toy and runs in circles around the furniture and in and out of rooms at top speed squeaking his toys).  He looks at his reflection in glass doors and thinks it's another dog and begins talking at the reflection.

He gets along great with all the visitors he meets - dogs and people.  Everyone loves him and they think he is so well behaved.  When he is left alone he has the run of the house.  He sleeps on our bed and has an additional 3 beds of his own.

Lennox is the gentlest Scottie.  He never has any signs of aggression.  He gets to eat a couple of french fries one at a time in the car if I pick up fast food and he is with me.  We are so pleased with our Lenny and I think he is pleased with us - he is such a good boy.  Thanks again to STRSE.


Ella’s Happy Tail

Posted on March 31, 2013 by STRSEElla

Ella is turning into a farm dog a little bit.  We are up in Zionville with my oldest child Holly.  Thank you for matching us. - Faye

Scottie Ella is at a farm visiting relatives.  She and her adopted mom Faye are best friends.  They are a match made in heaven.  So nice to hear from our families that have adopted a Scottie and know that they are so loved and cherished.


Arnie’s Happy Tail

Posted on April 14, 2013 by STRSEArnie

Arnie went to live with his forever family this past week, and we have our first update to share!

Things are going great.  He went for a run and saw a coyote, he got very excited!  Also a bit of sibling rivalry with his sister but nothing too bad.  He is very active, becomes anxious when he can’t find his squeaky toy.  He loves to sit on my lap.  Loves our rabbit in our backyard. I think he would like her for dinner, but she is safely caged.  He is a pleasure to have around.  Always using his best manners most of the time.



Patches Happy Tail!

Posted on June 16, 2013

Happy News from another Foster who finds himself in a “furever home .....”

The rescue coordinator for the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the SoutheaPatches2st, Meg, had been in contact with someone who had a Scottie listed for sale on Craig’s List.  She tried for months to convince this person that our group would provide a good home for this older Scottie.  The owner said it was a very difficult decision, but the Scottie had been part of their family since he was eight weeks old but could not remain with them.  After more conversations between Meg and the owner, it was finally agreed that it was in the Scottie’s best interest to be rescued.  We volunteered to help our by meeting the owner and transporting the precious lad back to Tampa.  We were thrilled to see how well he looked and how calm and friendly he was. 

We had arranged in advance for a visit to the vet for his shots before bringing him in to meet our three Scotties, as we had been told that he had not had any shots since he was a puppy.  He was greeted by the wagging tails of our Salt & Pepper Gang.  Toby barked like crazy at first, as if he were giving him all the details of his fostering and then becoming a “furever” member of the Gang.  Kenzie and Dougal just wanted to play, which Patches wasn’t so sure about at first since he was the sole “furchild” in his former family’s household.  It wasn’t long though, before Patches joined in with his new friends, playing like they had been together forever.  At that point we realized this little guy was just so special, we couldn’t let him go.

After another visit to the vet to have two broken teeth removed and to be neutered (this is a “rescue”, right?).    The stitches are out and after another trip to the groomer, Patch or, as we call him now, Patches is one handsome Scottie.  He has stolen our hearts.

Dougal, Kenzie, Toby & Patches


Patches has created another “Foster Failure” and Dianne could not be happier.

He stole our hearts and the hearts of our other “furchildren” and will be with us for as many years as the Lord above allows. Welcome to the new and improved Salt and Pepper Gang!

Dougal, Kenzie, Toby & Patches


Zak’s Happy Tail

Posted on May 13, 2013 by STRSE

Zak1Zak (on stool) is enjoying his new life and family in Murrells Inlet.  He and Scottie brother Augi have become best friends.  Zak also enjoys time with his family’s granddaughter.  They have adopted each other and are so cute when they play together.  Zak is a happy, loving and content little Scottie.  He feels right at home with his new family.


Annabel gives back

Posted on July 31, 2013 by STRSE

In the fall of 2004, ANNABEL was found wandering the streeAnnabelts in a small town in West Virginia.  The Greater Washington DC Scottie Rescue saved her from being euthanized and brought her into the rescue program.   ANNABEL spent two weeks under the care of a veterinarian receiving antibiotics and fluids.  She was very thin and her hair had to be completely shaved.  Life on the street had been rough.  After recovering, MaryLou Kuklentz and her husband Dick brought her home.  They had lost one dog earlier that year and had a fifteen-year-old Westie battling Addison’s disease.  They needed ANNABEL as much as ANNABEL needed them.  MaryLou worked with a trainer to teach ANNABEL that life was safe and people were good.  ANNABEL’s very gentle soul emerged and she immediately fit into her new family.

ANNABEL is a certified therapy dog and she loves people.  She has visited children at the local hospital.  While on her hospital visits ANNABEL will often curl up on the bed and just relaxes for petting.  She has calmed many a youngster with her sweet nature and love of people.  She just seems to know what is needed and steps up to the job.  ANNABEL is well known by the nursing staff and happily greets them each week.  She is well known in the halls of the hospital as well and does a lot of her work before she even gets to the pediatric wing.  ANNABEL also loved visiting patients in the oncology unit at the same hospital.

ANNABEL has visited several assisted living and nursing facilities in the Charlotte and Harrisburg area. She has participated in several programs at a local library and has been part of a tutoring team at the library for several years.  ANNABEL participates in Paws for Exams at UNCC - a program to give college students a break while studying for exams.  She also visits seriously ill and homebound members of her family’s church.  MaryLou and  ANNABEL have also given talks on how to care for a dog and they participate in other events featuring therapy dogs.

Her Mom relates the following stories to illustrate  ANNABEL’s gentle and loving soul:

  1. ANNABEL and I visited an oncology unit every Wednesday afternoon.  Most patients receive their treatments on the same day each week so we wold see some people many times.  One lady was particularly fond of  ANNABEL.  Every Wednesday she looked for us at 1:30 and every Wednesday  ANNABEL would curl up in her lap and just relax and spend time with her.  This went on for weeks.  This lady was discharged and I not seen her in months.  At the Blessing of the Animals at a different church than ours I took ANNABEL and my other dogs.  This lady ran through the crowd of people and dogs to get to us.  She told me that ANNABEL was her saving grace during her chemo treatments.  She told us that  ANNABEL got her through a very tough time in her life.  There were tears in her eyes.  She stayed with us through the entire service and kept thanking us for being with her.
  2. On one visit to the pediatric wing of the hospital, a young boy had been crying all morning.  He was in pain.  The family and staff could not console him - but ANNABEL did.  When she got up on his bed he started to stroke her and you could see him relax and stop crying.  ANNABEL stayed with him while the nurse flushed out his incision.  I so admired ANNABEL’s courage in the face of so much confusion.
  3. An elderly couple in our church had dogs all their lives.  They were both struggling with illness and could not take care of a dog at this time.  I took  ANNABEL to visit every week.  The gentleman called her his little peanut.  She went to their home, to the hospital and to the nursing home to visit with him.  He always looked forward to her visit and told us so many times how wonderful she was and how great it was to have her visit since they were unable to care for a dog of their own.
  4. Currently we visit a nursing home for homeless people dying of AIDS.  ANNABEL sits on the laps of the folks as we all visit.  One of the residents really liked ANNABELOne visit he was very ill but still wanted to come out and visit with ANNABEL and Mozart (another therapy dog).  She sat on his lap and did her magic.  The next week the director told us that the gentleman had died that Friday.  He told the director that his last pleasant memory was ANNABEL sitting on his lap and how much the visits meant to him.

In addition to her therapy work, ANNABEL has excelled in Rally Obedience.  She has her Championship title in AKC Rally, her third level championship title (ARCHEX) in APDT Rally (now Cynosport Rally).  She also has several level championship titles and was fifth place in the nation in RLX2 in 2011.  Her little tail just wags and she is a delight to watch in the ring.  One judge said she has the cutest pivot she has ever seen.  There are not many Scotties that compete in this sport and she is a wonderful example of what a Scottie can do!

ANNABEL is now about eleven years old and shares her home with four other Scottie Rescues.  She is still the queen of her home and her castle!  This little waif who was someone’s discard is now her family’s precious treasure.  ANNABEL has touched the lives of so many.  She is a wonderful dog and a wonderful representative of a Scottie rescued from a horrible situation.


Sisters together ... forever - Another Happy Tail!

Posted on August 6, 2013 by STRSE

Many of you may remember the story of Maggie Mae, a very sick little girlMae-Girls we were able to get out of a puppy mill and tenderly nurse back to health.  She had a few foster homes, due to her resource guarding, but after working with her and letting her know that she was safe and loved, she was adopted by a wonderful family in GA.  The following year, we were able to pull another dog from the same mill, named Daisy Mae.  She was a food aggressive, territorial girl who felt she needed to fight for everything as she had done all her life in the puppy mill  We worked long and hard with her nursing her back to health and taught her some much needed manners to put her up for adoption.

When we started to look at the few medical records we did have, we realized that Daisy Mae and Maggie Mae were sisters!  Different litters, but same parents.

We crossed our fingers and contacted the family in GA that had adopted Maggie Mae and told them about Daisy Mae.  We asked if they would consider adding her to their new family and allow the sisters to be together.

I am happy to announce that they did open their home and their hearts to Daisy Mae and one year later, the sisters are happy, healthy and home.  The picture says it all.


Happy Tail Bunny Rebecca

Post on March 27, 2014 by STRSE

Meet Bunny Rebecca!  Her new parents Howard and Karen contacted us in Florida about a year ago after loosing their precious Scottie Ann.  They weren’BunnyRebeecat sure if they were ready so we put their application on hold for awhile.

Well, along came Bunny who needed a new home where there were no other dogs.  She was surrendered by her owner due to health reasons and had very little socialization for most of her life.  She needed a new devoted family who could introduce her to a big wide world and Howard and Karen were just the ticket.  They saw her pictures and heard her story and it was the perfect match at the perfect time.

She has settled in just fine as you can see from her happy expression and is enjoying walks around the neighborhood, playing with toys and lots of love.  Many thanks to Dawn for reaching out to her new potential family, Brenda and her family for fostering and Pam for doing the home visit at such short notice in order to make this happen so quickly for Bunny Rebecca and new furever family.


It’s a Happy Tail

Posted on September 17, 2013 by STRSE

Miss LassieCongrats to Scott and Sally who have just adopted sweet Miss Lassie!  She is a beautiful and happy girl who is going to be loved for the rest of her life.  And special thanks to first time foster Tracy!  We can’t thank you enough for opening your heart and home to fostering.

Karlee Suzeee has happily settled into her hew home

Posted on July 10, 2014 by STRSE

KarleeeKarlee Suzeee’s Pack


Hawkhaven Highland Heart Song “Quincy”  Quincy is 12.5 years old and the feisty Man of the House!


Kayson’s Pocket Rocket “Karlee Suzeee”


Eclipse When Stars Align “Capella Rose”



Bailey celebrated his 2nd “Gotcha Day” this past week (his actual day was on May 23rd 2013)!  Here is an update on Bailey (he is the Wheaten Scottie in the pictures) from his family.Bailey

Bailey first came into our lives when he was 5 years old.  We saw him on Facebook for adoption through STRSE just shortly after we joined a Scottish Terrier Health Support Group for our Scottie, Reggie.  I knew from the moment I saw him it was love at first sight.

His previous owner surrendered him to the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast.  Bailey was scared, shy and broken hearted when we first met him.  He had the saddest eyes and he would cling to me or his brother, Reggie, constantly.  Reggie had multiple medical issues from the time he was a puppy, so we were hoping and praying that they could help each other.

After Reggie had surgery, Bailey was constantly looking out for him while he was healing - he would even chase people away to protect Reggie!  As Reggie was finally getting better, we saw a drastic change in both Reggie and Bailey.  They were both like new dogs.

Bailey loves to play - he and Reggie play their favorite game of squeaky ball every night.  Both boys love to go for long walks and they chase each other through plastic tunnels in the house that we have set up for them. They both LOVE to swim in the pool and at the beach.  They also love to hunt for rabbits and squirrels - even though no one ever catches one, but they just don't give up! Watching Baily and Reggie together makes everyone laugh - especially me!  They are truly like twin brothers.

It's really amazing how these two male Scotties have bonded so closely.  They mirror each other's every move.  Ia blessing and a miracle to me everyday to see and watch both of them play and be happy!  They always have huge Scottie smile.

I wish Bailey did not have to go through what he did to get to our family, but I can’t change that.  However, I can make sure that Bailey knows he is always loved and will ALWAYS be with us in a forever home.  I believe that Bailey rescued me and Reggie more than we rescued him. I am forever grateful to STRSE, Lisa Mann and Mary Lou Kuklentz for putting this baby boy in our lives!


Brandy01This little Scottie girl was adopted in Florida and this photo is her meeting her new mom, Casey, for the first time.  Brandy was found abandoned in a shelter with many health issues.  Here is an update from her new mom.

Brandy is doing really well!  She has finally decided that this is her home as well as Buddy's (her new canine brother) and she doesn't let him push her around as much as she used to.  She is becoming more verbal and more playful by the day.  The only time she slinks from me is every night when I get the stuff to clean out her ears.

Casey K.



We adopted Loch - formerly Archie - in September 2013, just a few months after losing our first Scottie to Lymphoma.  Flopsy, our Bassett, felt the loss just as much as we did.  We were thrilled when we got the call that Loch was available and we are so thankful to have him as part of our family!

Our 2 boys immediately nicknamed him “Little Loch” since he was a mere 17 lbs when he arrived with us.  From what we knew - he had come from a couple who had several other dogs, but could no longer care for them.  Now, Loch is not so “little” anymore, and he loves to run through the yard with the boys or with his brother, Flopsy.  He is a true Scottie who loves his family deeply, and is indifferent to most others.  And when you have an overly affectionate Bassett, that is a wonderful difference to have!  We are blessed and so thankful to STRSE for helping Loch to find his “forever home!”

Rachael, Kevin, Kieran and Keenan Rayfield (And Loch and Flopsy, too!)



Barney came to STRSEBarney01 as an owner surrender just before Christmas in 2013 and found his forever home in January of 2014.  Here’s an update from his forever family.

It’s hard to believe that he has been with us nearly 18 months now and I couldn't imagine being without him!  When I lost my dog Amos suddenly there was such a big hole in my heart and Barney helped me so much with that.

He is quite the character and a big talker. He loves the lake and when the boats go by and cause the waves to slap the shore that is his signal - off he goes running up and down the shore line of the lake and gets totally wet and sandy.  Afterwards, we always have to have an unscheduled bath.

He has made himself a permanent perch on the top cushion of my couch looking out at the yard and being totally on guard.

Reggie, my other little Scottie, just turned 13 in January and is still very active and he and Barney and I go out every afternoon at 5:00 pm to have our “chase the tennis ball” session - it’s a lot of fun!

Barney loves the little lizards we have around here on the veranda and loves to chase them.  He would also love to chase the local deer, but I have to keep him on a leash when we go out when they are around or else I would be chasing him through the forest.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast for bringing this little bundle of joy.



This is the “tail” of an extra special little girl.  Many of you know Lacy’s very tragic story, have graciously donated towards her treatments and have followed along on her journey with us.

Lacy was left abandoned in a house in the fall of 2014 in Orlando, FL.  She is now a Forever Foster with STRSE.  You can hear more about her story and how she was found here:

Lacy’s update from her Forever Foster Mom:Lacy01

Lacy is doing well and appears to feel great!  She never acts as if she doesn’t feel good.  Her hair is still a bit slow growing.  She has a great appetite and is a good girl about taking her daily meds.  However, she isn’t the biggest fan of the eye drops that she has to get - she runs off when she sees me coming with the bottles.  She loves to run around the pool deck and despite her sight not being very good she still manages to run around the pool without any accidents.  Of course we watch her like a hawk!  She loves lizards and looks for them every time she goes outside.

Lacy loves the bed and lies right next to me.  It's always a race to see who gets to sleep next to mama but they seem to work it out throughout the night.

Lacy's last appointment at AVS (Affiliated Veterinary Specialists was in February and everything was good - they were very pleased.  They did tell us that she does have cancer.  I have shared the rescues wishes with them - we feel that Lacy has already been through so much and that we really want her to happy during her remaining time on this earth.  Her last eye appointment with the specialist went great as well!

So all in all - everything is wonderful with Lacy.  As I have said before, you would never know she is sick - she is a strong girl!

Leslie C.



AbbeAbbe was an owner surrender to STRSE in early 2015.  This sweet girl had a rocky transition before she found her current “furever home.”  Her update was submitted by her new family below.

Our adoption of Abbe, a 6-year-old brindle, was very sudden and fast.  We received a phone call on Friday, had a home visit Saturday morning, and she was on the road from Florida by Saturday afternoon.  My husband and I drove to Richmond, VA on Sunday to pick her up and take her to her new “furever home.”   Best decision we could have made for her and ourselves!

We lost our beloved adopted Scottie, Annie Rose, at the end of January - and we were feeling very lonesome.  Abbe obviously needed someone to love her and boy, oh boy, is she getting just that.  She is definitely a momma’s girl, but shows affection to my husband as well.  When she sees me her tail starts wagging and then her whole back half just wiggles with joy.  She has been so spoiled by so many people ... the women I work with even had a “puppy shower” for us, friends bring her toys when they meet her, and we received packages from Facebook friends from the the Scottie Facebook group I belong to.  Words cannot express how happy Abbe is and how happy she has made us. Thank you, Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast.


Bogie was an 18 month Scottie who in June 2013 found himself in a kill shelter in SC, branded as dog aggressive.  STRSE quickly got involved to save him.  After picking him up from the shelter, Billy and Lisa Mann brought him into their home to start working with him on his doggie manners and getting along with others.

Bogie01He was in dire need of a bath and haircut, as it seemed he had never had either.  What we found underneath the the over grown mess that he was wearing was a treasure.  How could anyone discard this sweet, beautiful little guy?  He spent several days separate from our other dogs because he had parasites that were being treated.  He was neutered and began the process of socialization.  Within a few days, he completely came full circle and was showing signs of possibly being a role model for other dogs in need of behavior modification.

After a week in foster with our family, we decided that he was already home with us and would be a wonderful asset in assisting other troubled dogs.  He now lives with two of our other Scotties, Monty and Piper and is currently helping other fosters get over fear issues and learn manners.  He is enrolled and doing a wonderful job in a Rover One Obedience class.  He is often times the example dog in his class.  We are going to continue his trBogieaining with Nose Work after he graduates and who knows what he will continue to do.  We are so proud of the dog he’s become in such a short time.  He is paying it forward every day by helping others find their potential and being a role model.

In the short time with us so far, he has helped balance and rehab 63 other dogs, which have been adopted to forever homes already.  These were dogs considered not adoptable and deemed candidates for possibly being euthanized.  We know the possibilities for him to learn and lead by good example are endless.  He’s an absolute joy to have and we feel so blessed to have found him.

Lisa and Bill



Benz01Benz (formally Cade) is living the good life with DeeDee and Rick in NC.  Cade was underweight and full of fleas when our volunteers PJ and Robin picked him up and transported him to the vet.  He had an ear infection and was overall not feeling very well because of his condition.  He has been fully vetted, neutered and groomed.  He really needed his teeth cleaned as well.  And no more fleas for this boy!  He has started to gain weight, his hair is coming in very well and he is one happy boy.  He loves his daily walks and visiting with his Scottie friends who live across the street.  Benz is a beautiful and very sweet Scottie boy whose life will be all it’s meant to be with his new family.



I got a phone call from a lady who told me she worked in rescue and had found him on Craig’s List.  She called and got the people to surrender him to her and she called me.  I met her at the airport and she gave him to me. He was emaciated and had not had a hair cut in a long time.  Eye, ear and skin infections.  He was very wild, had spent his first 15 months in a crate.  He was afraid of everything, we are still working on this but he is much better.  He was full of fear, it was very sad.  He also had horrible separation anxiety, it was so bad he would foam at the mouth and throw himself into the front door when I left.  The first week he went to my vet and they worked with him, he has gotten much better.  He has now bonded with my brother so he is OK to be at home with him now and without me.  It took us 4 weeks to get to this point, it was awful he was such a mess.  Now he is good because he has me at night and my brother during the day, he works nights.  His older brother Duncan at 8 has been very tolerant of the little terror.  LOL!  They play like puppies now, it’s very cute.  Archie is very Alpha so it’s lucky Duncan is not.  They have their moments but they go away very quickly and no blood has ever been drawn.  He has gained weight and is doing much better, I love him to pieces, he makes me laugh every day.  He is a very happy little guy and actually wants to please me and will lay his head on my chest or shoulder.  He loves everybody now, not so much when I got him but he really is one the friendliest Scotties I have ever had.



To start this happy tale about an awesome senior Scottie, let's first see his pictures.


We had successfully adopted two Scotties about four years ago from the Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay and have been so enamored by this breed.  We volunteered to help the rescue group any way we could - especially in transporting Scotties from foster homes to the permanent adopting family.  On one of these volunteer assignments we took in a cute little Scottie girl to help out until a permanent arrangement could be made.  Unfortunately, this little girl didn't like other dogs at all.  Our Salt and Pepper Gang became very upset and confused about why they couldn't play with her and she had to be confined to the crate.  After three days it was obvious that this arrangement would not work.  We contacted Janet, our rescue coordinator, who said she’d take the girl, but asked if we would mind swapping dogs, as she had had Toby for several months and really did not have room for even one more.  Thus, the real story begins - we made the swap and it was true love blossoming on the ride home.  Our two Scotties fell in love with him quickly as well.  Kenzie considers him her “boy toy” and Dougal is glad he has some relief from Kenzie chasing him all the time.  Now, you have to understand poor Toby came off the streets of Miami in really poor condition, but with all the love and attention Janet had given him and the love he gets at our home, he is really a happy, loving senior puppy.

Yes, he has a rather large overbite and, yes, he has a funny, wonky walk and is now nine plus years old, but who cares.  When he sees us, his little tail goes around like a helicopter's rotor blade.  He gets excited and wants to play, if only for a short while.  I wanted to keep him the minute I got him home, saying, “No one is going to want this older dog, with his wonky walk”, but Gary asked we wait at least a week just to make sure he would be a good addition to our “Gang.”  I kept whispering to Toby, “Don’t worry; you’re ours now and no one is going to take you away.”  Yeah, right; he caved in after two days with Mr. Rotor Tail!  It always amazes me that so many people only want puppies, not older dogs who can give so much love and appreciation back to their new family.


Jazzie’s Story

Posted on November 29, 2012 by STRSE

Jazzie-pic-in-chairAfter losing our beloved Scottie Barkley to bladder cancer in October, 2011, we couldn't stand the void in our lives that only a four legged friend can fill.  We adopted a seven year old Scotty named Jasmine exactly three months later.

Jazzie was surrendered to an animal shelter in December of 2011.  She had horrible skin allergies, teeth missing and a growth on her neck.  The first step was to totally shave her, put her on the proper medication, and give her the love and care she had been denied.  Her foster mom, Ginger Robertson, loved her from day one, and for the first time in her life she was “pampered”.

We met her one month later and fell in love immediately.  We took her home, arranged for the surgery on her throat which turned out to be malignant cancer.  Ten months later our Jazzie is cancer free, chasing squirrels, rabbits, lizards, toads, whatever she can find in the backyard that moves.  She looks forward to a visit from our six year old grandson, when they can chase the ball together.

Jaz has taught us that there is always room in your heart for one more.  We are grateful to have found such a wonderful little girl, who has become our best friend.  The “snuggles” she gives us are priceless.

Thank you MaryLou Kuklentz from the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast and Ginger Robertson (Aunt Ginger) Jazzie’s foster Mom who began the nurturing process and for making this all happen.

Don and Nancy Fishe




Sometimes it takes a village, sometimes it takes a few states!

Posted on Febrary 20, 2013 by STRSE

CharlieThis is Charlie!  We were notified that he was in a kill shelter in Tallahassee.  At the time our group did not have anyone in that area.  Never fear, our Florida group worked with Alabama Rescue and they were able to get Charlie released into the protective arms of Alabama Rescue.  There are a lot of Scottish Terrier Rescue Groups in this country, and we all work towards one common goal to make sue that No Scottie is left behind!


Bowie & Luke

Posted on March 20, 2013 by STRSEBowie1

Bowie and Luke living the good life with their new family.  Paul and Fay are doing wonderful things for these two boys and they are settling in nicely.  It is always such a joy to see two boys adopted at the same time enjoying their new home and family.


Please welcome Dallas to STRSE!Dallas

This little guy was rescued from a neglect situation.  Dallas came to us filthy, severely matted, infested with fleas, full of hookworms and many broken teeth.  His ears are raw on the tips from fly bites. We are so happy that we have him now and can go ahead with the vet care and love that he should have been getting all along.  We are just so thankful that he was heartworm negative!  Welcome to the good life Sir!


Goodbye Hazel

Sadly on January 19 we said goodbye to this little lady with such a big personality.  STRSE leaves no Scottie behind! Miss Hazel Louise Hill came to us three weeks prior after being dumped in an Atlanta shelter just before Christmas.  Diagnosed with Bladder cancer only a few days after we rescued her we knew her time was short so we sought out to make sure that she had THE very best days left and she absolutely did!

Cooked meals, stroller rides, riding in the car, power napping on the couch being snuggled and surrounded by love and kindness is how she has spent the last three weeks.  Wanted.  Cared for.  Comforted.  Loved.  Happy.


Her time with us may have been brief but her message is clear.  Make every single day count.  Love your family with all your heart.  Never turn your back on those who need you.  Always do your best.  The heart of a dog is pure.

Rest in Peace sweet girl.  Run free. You are now perfect, complete, lacking in nothing.  And we are so blessed to have known you.




Jack’s happy tailJack

From being placed at a high kill NC shelter, to chilling on the back of the couch at his Pawleys Island Beach house, 2015 STRSE Alumn Jack is living the Scottie dream!  Stories like these are a rescuers’ dream!




Do I look like THE sweetest, most adorable puppy EVER?  Let my rescuers quickly clear up this myth!  LOL!  This 9 month old pup landed herself in a shelter after she was sold to the wrong person.  Molly is very high energy, PURE puppy and takes her title as terrier very seriously and to the highest degree!  LOL!  STRSE wants to be sure that all of our rescue Scotties are appropriately placed with the right match when looking for forever homes.  This little lady’s big day was when she was adopted by a Scottish family who can keep up with her energy level and give her a life that she will be very active and happy with.  Her new dad is enchanted with her antics and says she is quite the Madam.



Dougal started life as an escape artist and he lost his first family because of it.  At about 2 years old, he was turned in to the animal shelter for the purported reason that he bolted out of the house into traffic.  Of course, that become flea-invested and undernourished.  His condition was shocking to see, with his hair rubbed off and his ribs protruding through his scaly skin.  So maybe it’s more apt to say the Dougal was lucky to escape a bad first home before his health was seriously damaged or he was hurt in a car accident.  A few days of care by the vet eradicated the fleas, treated the skin condition and yielded the good new.

That sad-looking Scottie came to me as a foster mid-July.  Our friend Karen clipped the straggly hair that remained on his body, which gave him a good starting point.  In only 6 weeks, his appearance drastically improved.  His skin is healthy, his hair has grown in thick and lustrous.  With regular meal times and good food, he has filled out to normal size.  He has become a handsome boy!

Since Dougal’s first family never took charge of his behavior, he had a lot to learn - what it mens to be safe, to belong to a family, to wait his turn, to obey commands.  He did, indeed, try to bolt through the door at every opportunity, and for a few weeks, he determinedly tried to escape the fenced back yard.  With the help of a trainer, I came to understand that he grew up believing he had no one to protect him, so he taught himself to flee any scary or strange situation.  But with a consistent routine, plenty of affectionate attention, and some training, he is fast learning a better way to live. 

In spite of his early experience, Dougal has a sweet nature and a puppy-playful disposition.  He is smart and affectionate.  It is thrilling to see him develop comfort and trust in me, so that he isn't trying to escape any longer.  He is understanding there a a few rules for living in a family.  He is finding his place with the other 2 dogs in my family.  It warms my heart to see him and Abey, my 5 year old Scottie, chase each other around the yard with wild abandon. He's the playmate she’s been needing.

What began as a foster relationship with a commitment to prepare him for adoption quickly became a conviction that  is as a member of my family.  So it was with joy that I signed the adoption papers to officially give this adorable dog his forever home.




Dougal before rescue


Dougal before rescue







Dougal after first grooming


Dougal with supper dish


Miss Hazel Louise

& Her Eternal Bliss


The heart-warming story of Miss Hazel Louise.


Miss Hazel Louise was brought into rescue at the age of twelve with hopes and dreams of a long and loving future.  Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast (STRSE) was notified by a Georgia shelter of her surrender and immediately went to her aid.  She was taken to the emergency clinic due to severe urinary track infection that was causing her to urinate solid blood.  Unfortunately, we learned of her grim prognosis from Dr. McCurry a few days later.  After many exams, x-rays and ultrasounds she was diagnosed with advanced Transitional Cell Carcinoma (bladder cancer).  The average life expectancy, with this condition, is measured in weeks or months.  STRSE decided to focus on her quality of life before crossing the rainbow bridge.

Miss Hazel Louise was adopted by a wonderful STRSE family, with fur-siblings, and became the queen.  Cruising the town, errands with mom, snuggles on the couch and strolling in her chariot are some of her favorite pastimes.  She was happy, she felt good and she had the wardrobe to prove it.  Three weeks after her rescue, just two weeks after her adoption, Miss Hazel Louise crossed the rainbow bridge, peacefully.



STRSE believes that all Scottie lives matter including the sick, injured, terminally ill, elderly, emotionally traumatized and all the fur-babies in between.  Our mission is strong and fierce, proving that no Scottie will be left behind. Together, as a team, we are effective and are asking for your support in honor of Miss Hazel Louise.  Through education, dedication and altruistic acts we can make a difference against this senselessness.


Miss Hazel Louise lives on and feels no pain.  Her three weeks with STRSE were only the beginning to her eternal  bliss. We convey our gratitude to her adoptive family.




Please meet Prince

Posted July 21, 2013 by STRSEPrince2

Prince1The story of a Prince without a castle.  This poor boy is coming to STRSE Florida from the Cocoa Beach shelter.  As you can see this sweet boy looks like he’s been in a war!  He is going to need a lot of love and care.  If you would like to donate to his medical care, you may do so by going to our website and clicking on the donate now link.

Searsha & Flowers Happy Tails!

Posted on July 28, 2013 by STRSE

Searsha has a favorite chair, although, as you can see she doesn’t always stay in the seat.  She and Flower are often found together!  So very cute!

We are so happy the girls were able to stay together, and are adjusting well to their new home!  Congrats to Dawn and the girls, a perfect match.

Searsha the-girls2

Searsha the-girls3

Searsha the-girls1

A Happy Tail for Mac!

Posted on April 1, 2013 by STRSE

Mac-2Meet Mac with his new Scottie sister Brie.  Mac came to STRSE after being in 4 homes in his short life.  His new mom and dad (Sheila and Steve) have been working with him for several months now and he is still emotionally challenged.  Sheila does not think he was ever indoors in any of the homes as it was all new to him.  Brie has adopted him and is working with his new family to help him get over his fears and issues.  I told Sheila she can now join a very special club of Scottie foster failures.  We are so happy that Mac now has his forever home and will be staying with Sheila and Steve so that they can continue to work with him and help him become the Scottie boy he was meant to be.  Look for updates on his progress - we will share.  Mac could not be in a better suited home for him.  He is getting lots of love and being exposed to new experiences so that he can learn that his world is no longer a frightening place.  Thanks Sheila and Steve for giving so much to this little boy.

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Henry, another success!!!!

Posted on September 20, 2016 by STRSE

STRSE sprung this time love bug out of a shelter on July 18.  It’s hard to believe that someone would neglect and dump this 3 year old boy alongside a busy in Atlanta!  Alone, scared and sick, he was picked up by animal control and found himself in a high kill shelter.  He had some serious skin issues going on, likely originating from fleas, and was almost bald.  On July 28, Henry was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia.  We are so thankful that this didn’t present itself while this sweet boy was in the shelter, or his outcome wouldn’t have been good.  Our rescues are so deserving of the very best care.  So we started treatment, which included a two day stay at the emergency clinic on IV fluids and meds.  While in our care, this little guy stole the hearts of everyone he met!  His BIG personality came out, he was playful, loving, and had more character than most people we know!  While we can never erase the past, STRSE takes great pride in giving our rescue Scotties THE BEST future anyone could ask for!

On September 10, our sweet Henry started hi new happily ever after with a wonderful family and a new Scottie brother that you all may remember, Sir Winston!!!  We couldn’t be more happy for both of these boys!  How ironic that they both came from the same area, as strays, in similar condition and now live happy as brothers who are very well cared for and so very loved.  We are honored to have had the privileged of helping both of these Scots find good health, happiness and the finest forever home!  Happy Tails and much love to both of them.


Happy Tails

These are only a few of the countless stories from our rescue Scotties that have found their way into loving homes over the past few years.

If you'd like to submit an update about your STRSE rescue Scottie, please email your update with a current photo to

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Posted on September 15, 2016 by STRSE


Sir Winston 01Sir Winston was adopted August 28!!!!  This little guy has been quite the trooper.  He has overcome obstacles that he came to us with.  In the last two months he has lost the fleas, intestinal parasites, ear infection and a burst eardrum, eye infections, 15 teeth, his “family jewel” and Heartworm disease.  Today his life has changed forever and he has gained a wonderful new family and a 14 year old Scottie brother, Wally!  He has also acquired a stunning new coat during his rescue journey!!  We are so very proud and amazed with his total transformation.









                       Happy Tails sweetness!


Sir Winston’s Marvelous Recovery

Posted on August 10, 2016 by STRSE

On June 2, 2016, STRSE received a call that a GA couple had found a stray Scottie who had been living underneath a porch for days at a nearby house. Concerned for his health and safety, they asked us if rescue could help him.

STRSE volunteers got busy making plans. We courtesy posted his picture on our Facebook page and it was shared hundreds of times in effort to try to locate his rightful owner. From what we could tell by the condition he was found in, he needed vet care ASAP. We immediately sought medical attention for him.  No one ever claimed him, and there was no micro chip, but where do we start on what there was?

First, he was estimated to be around 8 years old. Sadly, this sweet boy was infested with fleas and loaded with intestinal parasites. His hair was falling out. His skin was irritated and infected from the fleas. Both of his ears were terribly infected and his right eardrum had ruptured and burst. He had untreated chronic dry eye and infection in both eyes, and a mouth full of rotted, bad teeth.  This should never be anyone's "normal".  

Faced with this mountain of issues, we picked a starting point and started to chip away at that mountain.  We started with the parasites, skin, eyes, and ears. We left the vet office with 5 different meds to help get him on the road to comfort and good health.

He was bathed and groomed after we left the vet, making him look as if he'd been swarmed by moths because of the hair loss.

We decided to call him ”Sir Winston”.

STRSE wants all of our supporters to see how your donations are spent and what a positive difference you all make for our Scotties in need. We are always so humbled by your support in helping us continue to provide such excellent medical care for our rescues.

In time we had his ear infections cleared up. His eardrum completely healed and is back intact. His eyes are all healed up and the Scottie "spark" was back to stay! He will have to continue drops twice a day for the rest of his life due to dry eye, but it is manageable and he is very comfortable now. He is now flea free and Great Scot!, does his skin and coat look amazing now!! We had him neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. He also had a much needed dental, where he did lose 15 bad/painful teeth. He has healed so very nicely. We know that he's now feeling like a million bucks!  He's a very sweet spirited little guy. His newfound passion is playing with all of his new toys!

Winston completed his Heartworm treatment on August 1st.  He's been such a trooper and he's come so far in the months that he's been in our care. He has his last recheck appointment on August 16 to get the "all clear" from his favorite vet, Dr McCurry. We've fixed his broken wings. Soon it will be time for Sir Winston to fly.

Thank you, Scottie family!


Sir Winston 02

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