Henry, another success!!!!

Posted on September 20, 2016 by STRSE

STRSE sprung this time love bug out of a shelter on July 18.  It’s hard to believe that someone would neglect and dump this 3 year old boy alongside a busy in Atlanta!

Alone, scared and sick, he was picked up by animal control and found himself in a high kill shelter.  He had some serious skin issues going on, likely originating from fleas, and was almost bald.  On july 28, Henry was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia.  We are so thankful that this didn’t present itself while this sweet boy was in the shelter, or his outcome wouldn’t have been good.  Our rescues are so deserving of the very best care.  So we started treatment, which included a two day stay at the emergency clinic on IV fluids and meds.  While in our care, this little guy stole the hearts of everyone he met!  His BIG personality came out, he was playful, loving, and had more character than most people we know!  While we can never erase the past, STRSE takes great pride in giving our rescue Scotties THE BEST future anyone could ask for!

On September 10, our sweet Henry started hi new happily ever after with a wonderful family and a new Scottie brother that you all may remember, Sir Winston!!!  We couldn’t be more happy for both of these boys!  How ironic that they both came from the same area, as strays, in similar condition and now live happy as brothers who are very well cared for and so very loved.

We are honored to have had the privileged of helping both of these Scots find good health, happiness and the finest forever home!  Happy Tails and much love to both of them.





Posted on September 15, 2016 by STRSE

Sir Winston 01Sir Winston was adopted August 28!!!!  This little guy has been quite the trooper.  He has overcome obstacles that he came to us with.  In the last two months he has lost the fleas, intestinal parasites, ear infection and a burst eardrum, eye infections, 15 teeth, his “family jewels” and Heartworm disease.  Today his life has changed forever and he has gained a wonderful new family and a 14 year old Scottie brother, Wally!  He has also acquired a stunning new coat during his rescue journey!!  We are so very proud and amazed with his total transformation.








 Happy Tails sweetness!


Sir Winston’s Marvelous Recovery

Posted on August 10, 2016 by STRSE

On June 2, 2016, STRSE recieved a call that a GA couple had found a stray Scottie who had been living underneath a porch for days at a nearby house.  Concerned for his health and safety, they asked us if rescue could help him.

STRSE volunteers got busy making plans.  We courteously posted his picture on our Facebook page and it was shared hundreds of times in effort to locate his rightful owner.  From what we could tell by the condition he was found in, he needed vet care ASAP.  We immediately sought medical attention for him.  No one ever claimed him, and there was no micro chip, but where do we start on what there was?

 First, he was estimated to be around 8 years old.  Sadly, this sweet boy was infested with fleas and loaded with intestinal parasites.  His hair was falling out.  His skin was irritated and infected from the fleas.  Both of his eyes were terribly infected and his right eardrum had ruptured and burst.  He had untreated chronic dry eye and infection in both eyes, and a mouth full of rotted, bad teeth.  This should never be anyone’s “normal.”

Faced with this mountain of issues, we piked a starting point and started to chip away at that mountain.  We started with parasites, skin, and ears.  We left the vet’s office with 5 different meds to help get him on the road to comfort and good health.

He was bathed and groomed after we left the vet, making him look as if he’d been swarmed by moths because of the hair loss.

We decided to call him “Sir Winston”.

STRSE wants all of our supporters to see how your donations are spent and what a positive difference you all make for our Scotties in need.  We are always so humbled by your support in helping us continue to provide such excellent medical care for our rescues.

In time we had his ear infections cleared up.  His eardrum completely healed and is back intact.  His eyes are healed up and the Scottie “spark” was back to stay!  He will have to continue drops twice a day due to dry eye, but it is manageable and he is very comfortable now.  He is now flea free and Great Scot!, does his skin and coat look amazing now!!  We had him neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  He also had a much needed dental, where he did lose 15 bad/painful teeth.  He has healed so very nicely.  We know that he is now feeling like a million bucks!  He’s a very sweet spirited little guy.  His newfound passion is playing with all of his new toys!

Winston completed his heartworm treatment on August 1st.  He’s been such a trooper and he’s come so far in the months that he’s been in our care.  He has his last recheck appointment on August 16 to get the “all clear” from his favorite vet, Dr. McCurry.  We’ve fised his broken wings.  Soon it will be time for Sir Winston to fly.

Thank you, Scottie family!

Sir Winston 02


Jonah’s Happy Story Ending/Beginning

Posted on April 24, 2016 by STRSE





I often say that I can’t be sure who helps who more ... me or the dogs that I foster.  I think I learn just as much from them as they ever learn from me.


Jonah was adopted today and is off to live happily ever after.  Goodbyes are always bittersweet, to day the least.  He managed to find his way to STRSE and now his journey has taken him to one of the finest families in NC that we could have ever hoped for.  He had many donations to his care and many “Get Well Soon” cards from all over the world.  It was humbling to see so many who cared so much for his well being.


Everyone thrives when love is present and he is certainly a prime example of that.  He is also representative of courage, strength, bravery and living peacefully in the moment.


The only problem that I have had since his amputation 3 weeks ago is keeping up with him! ... and saying goodbye.

What a remarkable teacher!


Happy Tails, little one!  It has truly been a pleasure.  STRSE is so very fortunate to have been able to help you become one of the happiest Scotties ever.



Jonah’s Story

Posted on March 28, 2016

Let’s go on a rescue journey from beginning to end.  This is a front row seat to what STRSE does and a look at our standard of care.Jonah

 It was brought to our attention by another rescue group that we have worked with in the past, that there was a young male (4 years old) Scottie in a shelter in SC.  This boy had sustained a broken right front leg at some point in his life.  It was never fixed or treated medically and has atrophied and drawn up and inward to the point he has no use of it.  The shelter had already scheduled him for neuter surgery.  They also offered to amputate his problem leg during that surgery (All for $58).

The STRSE Executive Board feels like you get what you pay for and wanted a second opinion.  We had our contact email the shelter and let them know that we are willing to assume all cost of his neuter and leg issues if the would release him to us for our veterinarian to give that second opinion and treat him.  We are so grateful to have a very good reputation as an absolute responsible rescue.

Thankfully they agreed to release him to us for his care.

We were all hoping and praying that the leg could be fixed by seeing an orthopedic specialist, and that was the route we that we were willing to take.  This boy is young, has a lot of life left and we owed him the best possible chance to keep his leg.

To our disappointment there was no way to save the leg.  This is a very hard amputation considering that it is a very old injury that has no muscle left on the shoulder or leg. 

It’s been a very long and expensive journey with trying to put much needed weight on him, calming his stomach and getting the GI inflammation under control, along with the anemia.  We needed him to be in the best possible shape for his surgery.  We slowly made our way to that goal.

We currently have one of the best vets that we know amputating and seeing to it that he’s properly cared for this morning and for the days that come.

We are asking for prayers, positive thoughts, and lots of love sent his way, as we have all committed to step up and see this little love through a major surgery, the stress that comes with it and his complete recovery.

Upon intake on Jan 24, 2016, we decided to name him Jonah - meaning dove.  The dove calls for you to gain your serenity and is a symbol of peace.  Jonah is a very sweet boy and well deserving of his serenity along with a good, healthy, long life full of kindness, love and care.

He has a long road to recovery ahead.  This may be a setback but he has the mighty heart of a terrier and he is now stronger than ever, knows he is surrounded by love, kindness and the care that he should have received to start with.  STRSE in is the process today of righting the wrongs that he has endured.  He will come out of this an even stronger, even tougher, and more tenacious little Scotsman with a fierce and happy heart.

Thank you in advance, Scottie family.  We are a strong network and in our unity, our prayers are always heard.

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