2011 Recap!!!

Hello everyone. We just wanted to give you all a recap of Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast for 2011. First let me tell you that we rescued 49 Scotties. Yes, 49 Scotties were vetted, cared for and placed in loving homes in 2011. That is a large number and we could not have done it without all of you. Many of you helped to transport these little ones from shelters, private homes and puppy mill situations to our vet and many of you then helped to get these little ones to foster homes and their forever homes. We also now have 13 + foster families that have cared for these little ones. How can we ever thank you all enough for all you do?!! Many of you might remember that at one time we had 12 Scotties in rescue at the same time. WOW – that was overwhelming. They are now in homes where they are loved and cared for. We also had a couple of crisis during the year and you all rallied round and provided loving support both in your compassion and financially. We were able to assist in getting 4 Scotties from the Alabama hoarder as well as taking 8 Scotties at one time from a family where they were loved by the Mom and abused by the man in the home. We worked through several Scotties with behavior issues because of the abuse and neglect that they experienced in their past lives. How fortunate we are to have a certified trainer available to assist when we cross that path. And we had several that were very ill and we were able to provide the best vet care for them. When Maggie Mae had huge medical bills you came forward and helped. When the little guy was attached by a pit bull in his own back yard you showed the family support and love by your generosity and concern. One little guy came to us in very critical medical condition and his foster Mom gave him all the love and comfort that he craved and then we were able to give him the final gift all with many tears. You are an amazing group of loving and wonderful people.

We also want to thank the Scottish Terrier Rescue National Trust for their help this year. How fortunate we are to have this available to us for special situations. A huge thank you to the board and all involved.

There were other Scotties that also benefited from our rescue group even though they did not pass through our organization. We can account for 3 and maybe more Scotties that are still with their families because we were able to give the family some advice and council on how to handle situations that were troublesome for the family. Another family was able to take their Scottie with them cross country when we gave them some advice and referrals so that they could handle the trip. And we are always open to helping other rescue groups with home visits, transport and getting dogs out of shelters so they are safe.

Prior to the creation of Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast, Florida Scotties in need of rescue were dependent upon volunteers with the Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay (STCTB).  In 2011, the club’s rescue program was responsible for rescuing 37 dogs in Florida.  The overwhelming majority of these dogs came to rescue due to economic reasons – their families simply could not afford to care for their Scottie any longer.  As a result, many of the dogs that came into STCTB Rescue had fairly serious health issues, including severe skin problems, cancer, diabetes, Addison’s Disease, Heartworm Disease, and blindness.  Through the loving care of the network of foster homes that has been created in Florida, all of these dogs were made healthy and placed in new forever homes. 

In 2011, we began to network with a number of animal shelters and breed rescues throughout the state of Florida in order to ensure that we were notified of a Scottie in need and that we had folks throughout the state who could pull dogs and foster them.  We also worked on building up our roster of volunteers and now have a fairly good number of Scottie lovers in most areas of the state who can pull, transport, and/or foster for us.  Florida is a huge state, and coordinating rescue efforts can prove challenging at times.  We are always looking for more volunteers, particularly in the Miami and Panhandle areas, so that when we receive a call for help, there is someone local who can go and identify the dog as a Scottie and bring the dog into our foster care program.

The STCTB also conducted two very successful fundraisers in 2011 which we will continue now that we are part of Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast.  Renowned Scottish Terrier artist, Marion Krupp, donated several of her lovely limited edition prints to our rescue to be used for a raffle.  Over $1,200 was raised from the sale of the raffle tickets for a beautiful custom framed print.

Our other successful fundraiser was the 2012 Scottish Terrier Rescue Calendar. This was a fun project that allowed our adopters to submit photos of their rescued dogs for inclusion in the calendar.  We submitted the photos to the printer/graphic artist, who created a delightful, colorful collection of the gorgeous Scotties that we had placed in 2011.  We raised over $1,000 and sold 125 calendars, many of them to the proud Scottie parents whose dogs were featured in the calendar.  The calendars were a huge hit and we are currently selling 2013 Rescue Calendars featuring alumni from North and South Carolina, and Florida.  If you have not yet purchased yours, please visit our Fundraising link to learn how you can do so.

Rescue volunteers in Florida are proud of our accomplishments in 2011 and are excited about our successful integration into Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast.  Working together, we can all help more Scotties in the Southeast to escape from harm’s way and find that loving, permanent home that they so richly deserve.