Posted May 8, 2020

Archie came into rescue after being found as a stray in Georgia. Animal control had taken him to their local county shelter and he was placed on a stray hold. During that time, a shelter volunteer contacted STRSE for a rescue commitment because he was in a high kill shelter, scared and matted to the skin.  

On the morning that the stray hold was up, one of our transport volunteers picked him up and off to S.C. he went. He was bathed and groomed the same day.

The following afternoon, he saw our preferred veterinarian, Dr Eric McCurry for a thorough exam, including vaccines, total body blood work, heartworm test, fecal, and given preventives. It was apparent that he desperately needed a dental and we estimated that he was going to lose at least 6 back teeth.


We put him on an oral antibiotic to help with the bacteria and infection coming from the teeth. He was also put on a soft food diet to help ease the pain that would be caused by painful teeth when chewing. 

The following week he was back with Dr. McCurry for his dental. He lost 18 bad, rotted teeth. Most of them Pre-molars and molars. Some of which were just barely hanging in his mouth. He had an oral nasal fistula that was covered with a membrane and repaired by suturing flaps of gum over it. We also took a small suspicious growth off of his flank area. That was sent out to the lab for identification. Pathology results later showed that it was a building of scar tissue possibly from a vaccine reaction. He was microchipped while he was under anesthesia. 

Archie was sent to his foster home with pain meds and anti-inflammatories. He was already on antibiotics. To our amazement, he got up the very next morning raring to go! Over the next few days his eyes started to look healthier, his coat was coming back dark and shiny and he was actually happy and playful. 

One week later we felt that he had recovered enough, was already much healthier and ready to be placed in a forever home. We started the hunt for a perfect match through applications. 

He now resides in Connecticut with his mom & dad, who work from home, and a very intriguing feline brother named Cecil. Archie also has a summer home in Charleston SC. He loves going for walks on the beach and the nature preserve beside his northern home. He continues to thrive and his real, pain-free personality is coming out in full force. 

STRSE is happy for the opportunity and privilege to help these little guys and girls find good health, rehabilitation and nothing but the very best forever homes. 

*Archie was adopted in March/2020


Ms. Isabella

Posted November 2, 2019


emoji - heavy-black-heart_2764 Ms Isabella emoji - heavy-black-heart_2764 is on her way to her happy ever after today. Myrtle Beach SC is where she will now call home. She was adopted by a wonderful family, complete with a Westie sister named Lily Blossom. emoji - Flower Happy Gotcha Day Sweetness!!emoji - two-hearts_02emoji - two-hearts_02emoji - heavy-black-heart_2764emoji - two-hearts_02emoji - two-hearts_02
#STRSoutheast  #STRSE  #WestieLove -- with Linda Hill in Columbia, South Carolina..



Our favorite vet, Dr Eric McCurry with our favorite new rescue, emoji - two-hearts_02 Bonnie emoji - two-hearts_02. This little lady had her vet exam yesterday afternoon and was spayed and microchipped this morning. Dr McCurry is referring us to an ear specialist because of an abnormal right ear canal. Very likely congenital. It’s not bothering her in the least but we want to know what caused it and if there is a way that we can correct it. Everything else is perfect. Ms Bonnie is making a fashion statement with her Scottish flower power! emoji - dog paw printsemoji - Floweremoji - dog paw prints


STRSE Rescue, emoji - heavy-black-heart_2764 Bonnie emoji - heavy-black-heart_2764  would like to thank our generous supporters for sending soft blankets - made with love. Fun toys to play with donated by Max & Neo and beautiful tartan collars made by The Artful Canine.  emoji - smiley face 3 hearts Having their own “stuff” to move on to their forever homes with does make a difference. It helps with the transition. Thank you all! emoji - dog paw printsemoji - dog paw prints

**Bonnie is not available for adoption. STRSE thoroughly and completely vets all of our rescues before we place them in their forever homes.



Posted June 7, 2019


emoji - dog paw printsemoji - dog paw printsOne year ago today (May 30) STRSE pulled emoji - heavy-black-heart_2764 Fergus emoji - heavy-black-heart_2764 from the Gaston County Animal Care in NC. He was lucky that staff convinced the original owners to let them seek rescue. They had asked for him to be euthanizd. 10 years old and bleeding when he had bowel movements. He also had a pretty good size cyst on his head that bled when touched ... and he is a head rubber. He had bald spots on his back from fleas and was a mess - grooming wise. We extracted all of his back, chewing teeth and a couple in the front. After further testing, we found that Fergus had colon cancer. So off to the Holistic vet we went. Dr Mitchell put Fergus on Five Formula Mushroom Extract along with several other supplements for GI support. We also changed his diet to fresh cooked ground turkey mixed with Dr Harvey’s, Paradigm, which has no carbs or sugars, (Sugar feeds cancer and carbs break down as sugars). His estimated time according to the specialists was a “few good months”. Today is his one-year Gotcha Day!! emoji - Baloons_01    He’s a very happy little guy and Bogie Mann’s most faithful minion! Lol. His tail is the fastest in the Southeast and he serenades us daily with his Scottish Aroooos. emoji - heavy-black-heart_2764

Between Dr Eric McCurry and Dr Angel Mitchell, he’s living his best life and his cancer hasn’t slowed him down yet. And I’ll probably be cooking turkey for 10 more years!!    emoji - Smiley_Face_01
Happy Gotcha Day young man!  emoji - dog paw printsemoji - dog paw printsemoji - heavy-black-heart_2764 emoji - dog paw printsemoji - dog paw prints             

**Fergus is a forever hospice foster because of his diagnosis. Your support helps us to help insure that No Scottie Is Ever Left Behind. Fergus says thank you Scottie Family!    emoji - Smiley_Face_02



Is your human a rescue

Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast Alumni, Major


1 year old Wild Child Archie has a very important date at noon today. He will be meeting his new people and transitioning to an exciting, fun new life with a family of his very own!

This boy is the definition of energy!! 

Jagger Mann is going to miss their roughhousing, wrestling and tug of war sessions but will probably sleep for 2 weeks now!

Happy Tails Arch Arch!

*Archie is another classic example of wrong breed, wrong family. He is still very much a puppy and got an extra dose of terrier energy when God was handing it out. These guys can’t live in crates 24/7. That shouldn’t even have to be said. It’s inhumane. If you don’t have the energy to give a puppy what it needs to thrive, don’t get one. This makes the dog a prisoner and…you won’t be happy with what they find to occupy their time. 

#STRSoutheast #STRSE #NoScottieLeftBehind #AdoptDontShop



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Lisa contact info1
Wild Child Archie
A Scottie Tails Sheriff 01

Sheriff Bogie took it upon himself to patrol the southeast, from the sea to the tallest peak, confirming all was in order. He was worrisome at first however, his human assured him that he was the right dog for the job and with that, off they went on their 2020 Road Trip.

Sheriff Bogie combed the beaches first, from fish to fossils, making sure that the aquatic environment, of all marine life, was normal. He hit many beaches and found that everything was in place and there were no worries along the coast. Sheriff Bogie was reassured and turned his concern to the mountainside.

A Scottie Tails Sheriff 02

Moving along his tour, Bogie stopped at each mountain peak

and checked surrounding areas. He frequented forests, hillsides and lakes inspecting each for any issues that may arise. He stood guard for hours-on-end protecting the forest with his bravery.

A Scottie Tails Sheriff 03

After all of his travels Bogie is proud to report that the natural beauty of our world is whole and stands pure. In true Scottie fashion, we can learn from our four-legged friends and enjoy our beautiful surroundings by living in the moment, especially during this challenging time.


More Scottie Tails of 2020 to come!



This handsome fella has some very exciting news!
Bailey was adopted this afternoon!! He has a wonderful new family and a younger Scottie brother named Mach! Mach is a STRSE 2018 Alumni. Baileys new mom says that these two are enjoying playing and scouting around together. She also says that Bailey is quite the snuggler!  I couldn't be more happy with this match.
They are both going on vacation this weekend in the family motor home. Happy Tails sweet boys! Many adventures ahead! Aroooooooo


It was a beautiful April day in Charleston, SC and the weather was a perfect sunny 75 degrees. The human had worked from home for four weeks by now and decided to participate, virtually, in her meeting from the backyard. 

All is going as planned until a participant noticed the Westie/Scottie team behind the human digging and digging. This went on for a few minutes, without the human noticing, because she was presenting. As time passed, more and more participants are distracted by the dynamic duo until one screamed, “I think your dog’s caught something!”

The human frantically turned around and saw a mole dangling from the Westie’s mouth. The human screamed, all of the meeting participants screamed as the Westie threw the mole around, like a toy, while the Scottie sat proud! The human, completely embarrassed, ended the meeting early and proceeded to clean the mouths of the hunters followed by a proper mole burial.

The Serial Ratters struck again, making 2020 interesting for their human and traumatizing for her co-workers. 

Our four-legged family members provide us with comfort and lots of comedic relief. We know we speak for all when we say, we wouldn't have made it through this year without our Scotties by our side.

Thank you, Scottie family for helping us sustain our mission of leaving no Scottie behind and stay tuned for more, Scottie Tails of 2020.

Giving Tuesday picture (2020)
2020-Serial Ratters

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A Tail of the Scottie Heart

Cator lives in Charleston, SC and was bound to a strict lockdown from March-June of this year. Only able to connect with the outside world virtually, his two big-hearted Scotties came to his rescue. Fergus and Gareth (SRTSE alumni) were his constant companions and kept Cator regimented as well as distracted from the chaotic world. Their routines stayed on track and as he doated on them on them daily, his fur-buddies reciprocated with the adoration that Cator needed. Not that their bond wasn't already robust but because of this challenging time, its grown by one heart size.


“The cuddles are what helped the most. Humans need touch and when we aren’t allowed to touch other humans, dogs step in to offer such tenderness, connection and warmth. I am grateful for them both and will always be thankful for their companionship through such a trying time.

-Cator Sparks




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