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18 month old ðŸ€€Killian🀀 will be coming back to rescue this morning. *NOTE; the pink hearts means she’s a girl. We don’t do political correct here.
STRSE is committed to our dogs 100%. If for ANY reason the adoption doesn't work out, we want our dogs back. That being said, when you seek out to add a pet to your family know this; No dog is going to be an “insta-dog” right off the bat and you are NEVER EVER going to “replace” a dog you've lost. Dogs need time to settle and that takes more than a day or two. You have to provide guidance and leadership to ANY pet you bring into your home. You also have to be honest.

We are 100% transparent and honest about everything that we know about our dogs. If we tell you that they need to be only dogs, you can take that to the bank and not to the stupid dog park. Sigh. If we tell you the dog needs a fenced yard, it isn’t because we just want them to look at a fenced yard from a window or be inside a fence on leash at all times because “it’s dirty outside.” It’s because that dog needs to be free and active when OUTSIDE, where the ground is and always has been...DIRT. We spend countless hours of our time in rescue working with and getting to know the dogs we take in. If you have unrealistic expectations and are unreasonable about training, DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME. I take returning a rescue very personally because I have poured my time, energy and all effort into this. I have also made the surrendering families a promise to appropriately place their pet with nothing but the very best.If you think adopting a dog is made difficult by rescues, you should be on the other side of the coin and deal with some of the crap that we have to on a daily basis. Unbelievable stupidity is rampant. I’m not sure why it sometimes surprises me.

Anyhoo...welcome back Keely!

Posted 2023/01/12


As 2021 comes to an end, I want to thank you all for your support and confidence in this rescue and our mission to Leave No Scottie Behind. This year we have had 24 Scotties in our program and helped 3 others to stay in their family home by assisting with some unexpected expenses for medical care. Our vet costs alone were just shy of $24,000. That is on average almost $900/ per dog spent on vet care. We never cut corners and every dog is thoroughly vetted before leaving our rescue. We couldn't do it without YOU!

I have been blessed with the best team of volunteers, an excellent vet team and ‘A list’ supporters! 🐾♥️🐾

Thank you for another wonderful year helping this beautiful breed! Merry Christmas Scottie Family! YOU are our biggest gift!🎀žðŸŽâ­ï¸

Cast of 2021; Jagger, Remy, Lincoln, Lucy, Pepper, Riley, Malcolm, Jock, Morgan, Radley,Dougal,Mac, Abby, Rascal, Archie,Sterling, Maggie, Emma, Roz, Angel, Kelcee, Riley, Abby, and Duncan.

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Posted 2022/01/08

Wild Child Archie

One year old Wild Child Archie has a very important date at noon today. He will be meeting his new people and transitioning to an exciting, fun new life with a family of his very own!

This boy is the definition of energy!! 

Jagger Mann is going to miss their roughhousing, wrestling and tug of war sessions but will probably sleep for 2 weeks now!

Happy Tails Arch Arch!

*Archie is another classic example of wrong breed, wrong family. He is still very much a puppy and got an extra dose of terrier energy when God was handing it out. These guys can’t live in crates 24/7. That shouldn't even have to be said. It's inhumane. If you don't have the energy to give a puppy what it needs to thrive, don't get one. This makes the dog a prisoner and ... you won't be happy with what they find to occupy their time.

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Posted 2022/01/08

A Scottie Tails Sheriff 03

After all of his travels Bogie is proud to report that the natural beauty of our world is whole and stands pure. In true Scottie fashion, we can learn from our four-legged friends and enjoy our beautiful surroundings by living in the moment, especially during this challenging time.


More Scottie Tails of 2020 to come!

Posted 2022/01/08

A Tail of the Scottie Heart

Cator lives in Charleston, SC and was bound to a strict lockdown from March-June of this year. Only able to connect with the outside world virtually, his two big-hearted Scotties came to his rescue. Fergus and Gareth (SRTSE alumni) were his constant companions and kept Cator regimented as well as distracted from the chaotic world. Their routines stayed on track and as he doated on them on them daily, his fur-buddies reciprocated with the adoration that Cator needed. Not that their bond wasn't already robust but because of this challenging time, its grown by one heart size.

“The cuddles are what helped the most. Humans need touch and when we aren’t allowed to touch other humans, dogs step in to offer such tenderness, connection and warmth. I am grateful for them both and will always be thankful for their companionship through such a trying time.

-Cator Sparks

Posted 2022/01/08


It was a beautiful April day in Charleston, SC and the weather was a perfect sunny 75 degrees. The human had worked from home for four weeks by now and decided to participate, virtually, in her meeting from the backyard. 

All is going as planned until a participant noticed the Westie/Scottie team behind the human digging and digging. This went on for a few minutes, without the human noticing, because she was presenting. As time passed, more and more participants are distracted by the dynamic duo until one screamed, “I think your dog’s caught something!”

Giving Tuesday picture (2020)
2020-Serial Ratters

Posted 2022/01/08


The human frantically turned around and saw a mole dangling from the Westie’s mouth. The human screamed, all of the meeting participants screamed as the Westie threw the mole around, like a toy, while the Scottie sat proud! The human, completely embarrassed, ended the meeting early and proceeded to clean the mouths of the hunters followed by a proper mole burial.The Serial Ratters struck again, making 2020 interesting for their human and traumatizing for her co-workers. 


Our four-legged family members provide us with comfort and lots of comedic relief. We know we speak for all when we say; we wouldn't have made it through this year without our Scotties by our side.

Thank you, Scottie family for helping us sustain our mission of leaving no Scottie behind and stay tuned for more Scottie Tails of 2020.

A Scottie Tails Sheriff 02

Moving along his tour, Bogie stopped at each mountain peak

and checked surrounding areas. He frequented forests, hillsides and lakes inspecting each for any issues that may arise. He stood guard for hours-on-end protecting the forest with his bravery.

Posted 2022/01/08

A Scottie Tails Sheriff 01

Sheriff Bogie took it upon himself to patrol the southeast, from the sea to the tallest peak, confirming all was in order. He was worrisome at first however, his human assured him that he was the right dog for the job and with that, off they went on their 2020 Road Trip.

Sheriff Bogie combed the beaches first, from fish to fossils, making sure that the aquatic environment, of all marine life, was normal. He hit many beaches and found that everything was in place and there were no worries along the coast. Sheriff Bogie was reassured and turned his concern to the mountainside.

Posted 2022/01/08

Duncan - 2021-12-30

Happy 9th Birthday to this Christmas baby!   🀚Duncan🀚 is settling in but prefers a forever family of his own without women!! He's made it very clear that he's part of the He Man Woman Haters Club and he's not making exceptions!🤪 I can't say that I blame him. Some women can be complicated like that!😀

This little rascal can still be a little prickly but he's slowly getting there. We have him scheduled for a dental after the new year. His ultrasound revealed that all is well and that his heart has indeed grown three times in size since he's been in rescue!❤️🀚❤️

He's had a busy day today playing with the toys that Santa brought last night. And I do mean that he's had FUN!! He does LOVE a toy with a squeaker!! Happiest Birthday big guy!! What a character!!😊

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Posted 2022/01/08

Jagger 12-28-21

⭐️Sheriff Jagger's⭐️ adventures are wrapping-up for 2021 but we have one last story to share. This little lady came into rescue with a heartbreaking tail but of course, a happy ending. The last chapter in the Adventures of Jagger-Scottie Sheriff will be one of ðŸ€€Ms. Abby.🀀

Early December a STRSE volunteer was notified of a Scottie in need at Laurens County Animal Control. She was presumed to be 15 years old and was seized from an unsuitable home. She was living off cat food, hot dogs and a bacteria filled water bowl. The conditions were so deplorable that an arrest warrant was issued for her ill treatment. Within 12 hours STRSE arrived at animal control and she was our 23rd Scottie rescued this year. She had a full spa day, including three baths, and was introduced to our Scottie family as Abby. We were thrilled to discover that she was actually 10 years old but saddened to realized that she was extremely frightened and timid. She saw Dr. McCravy for an exam, dental, blood work and a microchip. She had a significant limp and a lightning bolt scar on her back. This was most likely from being kicked and burned.

Sheriff Jagger knew that he had his paws full with this one. It was clear that Abby hasn't  trusted a human in a long time. He immediately started showing her that humans can be kind and that it's safe to relax. Through the activity of play, Abby chose to start enjoying life rather than sitting in fear. They played for days rolling around inside, fetching outside and taking naps in the sun. She started trusting her foster family and decided closeness wasn't scary. Over time her limp disappeared allowing her to run and chase whatever her little Scottie heart desired.

Sheriff Jagger encouraged Abby to revert to her happier days and broke her barrier. She was adopted, a few weeks later, by a wonderful family in Florida. She has two fur-sisters, a sunny spot to sunbathe, beach access and endless lizards to hunt. We are thrilled with her progress and wish her the best.

The Adventures of Jagger-Scottie Sheriff have concluded. He plans on relaxing over the next few days but knows that the peace and quiet won't last long. He is dedicated to next year's mayhem and is willing to help all Scotties during their transition.

Thank you for allowing Sheriff Jagger to assist Scotties in need and leave no Scottie behind.🐾♥️🐾🐾



Posted 2022/01/08

Ducan - 2022-01-08

Posted 2021/12/19

9 year old  🀚Duncan🀚 spent the day with Dr McCravy today having a dental cleaning. He’s still a bit loopy from the anesthesia and probably tipsy from the pain meds. So he’s channeling his inner Grinch tonight because he feels weird!😀 I promise it will all be better in the morning my friend.🀚

Teeth are all clean! He didn’t loose any. We rechecked his Alk Phos and it has gone from 4101 to 1923 in just 3 weeks! We put him on Denamarin and Canine Hepatic Support after the first blood work was done. That along with a diet change has made a big difference in the number.

I’ll take that!

The small growth on his toe is a histiocytoma and will go away on it’s own in a few months. So we are going to have a quiet night tonight and get back to business as usual tomorrow!😊

I can’t tell you how happy I am with this boys progress! He’s like an entirely different dog and actually likes ME now! He will be looking at applications and ready for his happily ever after very soon!


Posted 2021/12//20

Duncan 2022-01

I am very happy to say that ðŸ€šDuncan🀚 has done extremely well today with every single challenge presented!! He let me brush him out, pick him up and put him on the grooming table to clean his ears and put meds in them-all without snapping at all!! He takes treats like a total gentleman and loves to play ball. I think he may be a man’s dog. He absolutely LOVES my husband....but who doesn’t??🀙

I’m very proud of him and I’m always amazed at how quickly dogs find their center. I am thankful for the privilege to be able to help him. THIS is why I love rescue! I’ve found that the dogs who challenge you the most often times make the most respectful, loyal dogs. He will be visiting with Dr McCravy tomorrow. Every little thing is going to be alright my little friend! I’m sure of it. ðŸ¾ðŸ¾â™¥ï¸ðŸ¾ðŸ¾

Duncan - 2021-12-21

Duncan saw Dr McCravy this morning and left WITHOUT a red dot on his charts! ðŸ€€
Instead it said “Great Dog”!⭐️😊(Full disclosure: I may have some red dots in a few of my own charts🀀🤣!
We had him thoroughly checked out. His Alk Phos is high so we have him on Denamarin and Canine Hepatic Support to help lower it. We are also adding some Ursidol temporarily to clear out any gallbladder sludge. He is scheduled for a dental after Christmas. We saw some gingival recession and a little inflammation on the gums. We are also going to ultrasound his abdomen to take a look at the liver and gallbladder specifically just as a precaution. He had TPLO surgery done on his left rear knee in 2016. We shot an X-ray image of that just to make sure all is well and still holding up. Everything looks good there. We have him on Synovi G4 for joint support already because we were aware of the previous injury and pre-disposition of arthritis due to age and injury. He's been a really good boy today. I’m so proud of him and his behavior at the vet. He did let me know that he was REALLY happy to be back in his foster home when we pulled into the driveway. Arooooo!😊

Thank you Scottie Family for your diehard support in helping us give these guys the absolute very best care. 🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾 

Posted 2021/12//21

Posted 2021/12//20

Duncan 22-01-10

Nine year old ❤️ Duncan ❤️ is all vetted and ready for his forever home! He would enjoy a life with at least one man in the home. No children, as he doesn’t appreciate fast movements toward him. He gets along with other dogs in his size range and does tolerate cats. He loves a cozy dog bed and a healthy supply of toys is a MUST. He comes with his own collection of both! ðŸ˜Š

He’s quite the character and is very self entertaining. His favorite movies are Avatar and Men in Black. He likes the Alien talk. ðŸ˜€ Favorite TV show is Dr Pol. BUT he does like just about anything with animals in it. He’s been well cared for all of his life but has sadly lost his family due to death and illness. He will do best in a home that is structured. He likes to know the routine and takes his set mealtimes VERY seriously! You’ll never have to guess what time it is at 6:30 and 4. He rides well in the car and walks really nice on leash. He’s completely house trained and once he’s accepted you, he is fully committed! He came into rescue as a scared, unsure grouch!! Rightfully so.

He's settled in very nicely and has made a complete turnaround in very little time.🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾


Posted 2022/04/23

Grady 2022-04-23

Let’s start out by welcoming Mr 🀙 Grady 🀙to rescue!!

This little fella found himself in a GA shelter after being picked up as a stray. Luckily for him, he had a few guardian angels looking out for his best interest and he is now out of the shelter and in foster care.♥️

He will be spending the evening decompressing from the uncertainty of his past.

Grady has an appointment scheduled to see our vet on Monday. We will get his eyes and ears cleared up and him on the path to his very best life! Welcome to STRSE little man!🐾🐾♥️🐾🐾



Posted 2022/04/26

Grady 2022-04-26 02
Grady 2022-04-26 03

Five year old 🀙 Grady 🀙 had his first vet appointment since being rescued yesterday afternoon. Both ears are infected. So we are treating them with meds. His eyes are irritated and we are sure the current pollen count isn't helping any. But as you can see, the eyes are already looking MUCH better than before. We have been applying medicated eye ointment daily since he came to us on Saturday. He is adjusting very nicely in his foster home and is quite the affectionate little man. 🥰

Grady is scheduled to be neutered and microchipped this Friday. After that we will get him a proper Scottie grooming and he will be looking for the perfect family!

For now we will be working on leash manners and learning how to relax and just be a dog.☺️

We are so happy for the privilege to help him!🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾

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